Welcome home!

In May, Anne Lehmann and I worked for the German development organization AGEH at a conference with the charity Brot für die Welt.

Our mission was to visualize stories told by development workers who had recently returned to Germany from abroad. While most of these stories originated in places like rural Kenya or Colombia, they inevitably dealt with the changes in perspective experienced by the development workers when they returned home, and their struggles to reconcile their views with those who had stayed behind.

I found some of those stories deeply moving, some where funny, and some were quite sad – but in all cases I was impressed by the narrators’ dedication to make the world a better place. I hope, we also made a small contribution to that goal by our graphic recordings.

AGEH Markt der Möglichkeiten Julian Kücklich

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Water is life

In March, I worked at the Federal Ministry for Education and Research‘s booth at Wasser Berlin International for four days. My task was to collect and visualize the visitors’ visions for the future of water management. The minister, Johanna Wanka, stopped by to talk to students from Albert-Einstein-Gymnasium (Ulm). You can see me do my thing in some of the pictures:

Johanna Wanka Julian Kücklich Messe Wasser Berlin 2 Johanna Wanka Julian Kücklich Messe Wasser Berlin 1All images Copyright © 2015 Messe Berlin GmbH


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Welcome to Germany! (2)

In January, I cooperated with seven other graphic recorders (Anne Lehmann, Ka Schmitz, Susanne Asheuer, Imke Schmidt, Magdalena Wiegner, Tobias Solcher, and Jonas Möhring) on a project focused on bringing young people from other European countries to Germany for vocational training.

The project, called MobiProEU, or more to the point, The Job of My Life, is supported by a large number of German training organizations. Each of these organizations presented their contribution at a conference in Berlin, which was attended by illustrious guests such as the German Federal Minister for Labour and Social Affairs, Andrea Nahles, and the Spanish Ambassador to Germany, Juan Pablo Garcià-Berdoy Ceresco.

Our task was to visualize each of the 150+ project contributions within about an hour and a half, so the pictures could be scanned, framed, and given to the attendees as a souvenir. I am happy to report that the images have popped up in many different places, so the concept seems to have worked.

MobiPro EU Julian Kücklich


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Access for all

One of my last gigs in 2014 was for the German charity Aktion Mensch, in collaboration with Gabriele Heinzel, Marie Jacobi, Susanne Asheuer, Daniel Freymüller and Imke Schmidt. The conference under the heading “Inclusion 2025” discussed topics such as Inclusion at Work and Education, Social Responsibility, Public Space and Relationships, Technology and Digital Communication, and Innovation in Life Sciences. Below are the images I contributed:

Aktion Mensch Aktion Mensch

Our images were also featured in the video documentation of the event:

Aktion Mensch: Video

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Welcome to Germany!

Last November, Christoph Kellner and I did the graphic recording at the “Ankommen in Deutschland” conference in Leipzig, which discussed the situation of refugees in Germany from different perspectives. Our task was to listen for pertinent topics, and visualize them on pieces of A4 paper, which resulted in a sort of mosaic (image by Björn Bernat):

Ankommen in Deutschland (by Björn Bernat)


Björn also took some great pictures of us while working, this one is probably my favorite:

Ankommen in Deutschland (by Björn Bernat)

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Imagine a world without Nuclear Weapons

Last December, I did the graphic recording at the ICAN Civil Society Forum in Vienna, organized by ICAN Austria. The two days were filled with inspiring talks, although some of them were a real challenge to record, because they really moved me deeply. Chief among those talks was Tetsuko Thurlow‘s (Hiroshima survivor), who spoke about her experiences in a plain yet profound voice. While I found it very difficult to visualize her words, I am grateful that I was granted this experience, and I hope that my images will carry her message further.

After the Civil Society Forum, the images were exhibited at the Imperial Palace in Vienna (“Hofburg”) during the Vienna Conference on the Humanitarian Impact of Nuclear Weapons:

Vienna Conference on the Humanitarian Impact of Nuclear Weapons

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A vision for the future

At last year’s Forum Solarpraxis, I had the honor of recording Dr. Klaus Töpfer, former federal minister for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety, and former executive director of the United Nations Environment Programme. In his talk, he outlined a vision for the future of energy and climate policy, stressing the fact that the Western model of energy consumption cannot be exported to the rest of the world, without irrevocably damaging the planet. Transcript (in German).
Forum Solarpraxis - Die Vision für Energie und Klima

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Mission Statement

Last September, I participated in the development of a new mission statement for Jägermeister, in cooperation with corporate and brand communications agency Klenk & Hoursch. The result was a summary of the process, as well as a “future tree” depicting possible directions for the company. This image also made the cover of “JägerNews”, Jägermeister’s employee magazine.


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Shaping Access

Last November, I did the graphic recording of the “Zugang Gestalten! / Shaping Access!” conference at Hamburger Bahnhof, organized by iRights.info, Wikimedia, the Open Knowledge Foundation and a bunch of other organizations. The result was a 5m x 1m scroll, featuring topics such as Cultural Heritage 3.0, Audiovisual Heritage, Jewish Cultural Heritage, and Knowledge and Language in the Digital Realm (click image for a larger version).

Zugang GestaltenHans-Georg Schöner took some great pictures of me and my work, below is my favorite shot, taken as I was approaching the end of the scroll:
Julian Kücklich (by Hansgeorg Schöner)


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All play and games

Last year, I was asked to do the graphic recording at the Excellence in iGaming congress. I was thrilled about the job, because I love both digital and analog games, and I love drawing 8-bit video game characters and gambling paraphernalia such as poker chips, slot machines, and playing cards. My welcome message to the attendants features both in abundance:


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