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The delicate bonds between ideas

This was already published on February 14, but because I rarely check my @replies on Twitter, it was only yesterday that I became aware of it. I was very pleased to learn that someone at Online Africa likes my work, and I was particularly happy about this ringing endorsement:

Needless to say, the raw information from the summit is overwhelming when in traditional note form. Graphically, however, key relationships jump to life. Mr. Kücklich really does an excellent job capturing the delicate bonds between ideas.


Sketchnotes clarify information access concepts, aid South Sudan development

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Going South

My first real graphic recording gig was at the Media&Makers: Juba conference in South Sudan. It was an amazing experience, and actually being invited along specifically to sit in on the working groups, and take visual notes felt incredibly gratifying. It was also the first time I worked in a large format (A3), which gave me lots of space to work with, and felt very liberating after working with an A5 pad most of the time. I am happy that most of the images turned out so well.

Media & Makers: Juba – Working Group O2 (2)

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