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Exercises in Style

At a recent conference on ICTs and democracy promotion at Deutsches Institut für Entwicklungspolitik (German Development Institute), I decided to try something new, and alternate between a fat and a skinny marker. At first, I wasn’t comfortable with it at all, but I kept going anyway. After a while, it started to feel natural. Looking at the complete set, I am actually very happy with the result. DIE Conference: Democracy Promotion vs. Technology  Exports

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A few years ago, I heard this great word: tentaclism, which describes the increasing tendency towards multi-tasking and dabbling in all kinds of professions, doing one thing, as it were, with one of your multiple arms. I don’t think I’ve ever heard a term which captures what I do so well. That’s what was at the back of my mind when I made this sketch of myself as part of a conversation with Berlin-based startup Somewhere.Tentaclism

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Making Faces

One challenge I frequently face as a graphic recorder, is how to draw faces. If the people are present, they might be insulted by an unflattering portrayal, if they aren’t present, their names are usually all I have to go on. Some people use smartphones or tablets to do quick google searches while they’re doodling, but I’m usually so focused on my drawing, I can’t imagine switching between notebook and tablet. For better or worse, that’s what the result typically looks like:Minister of Information, Vice Minister, and Under-Secretary

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