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Visual product development

Lately, I’ve been involved in a product design process with MICT, IXDS, and now Sourcefabric. While I can’t say much about the product itself and its specifications, while it’s still under development, I’d like to share some insights about the use of sketchnotes in the process.

Visual Product development 2

Apart from the obvious advantages of having a visual record you can refer back to while in a meeting as well as after the meeting, I also find the visuals useful as a focusing device, and as an indicator of progress.

Visual Medi

Once people get used to the fact that I happily doodle along  while they’re talking, and only occasionally add one of my own observations or ask a question, it’s quickly established that a lull in a meeting either stops my pen entirely, or sends me into a crosshatching trance on some minor detail.

Visual Product Development 1

On the other hand, progress makes my pen fly, and spurs my imagination, so I will quickly add lots of new associations to an idea when the conversation is focused on results. So I find people generally more focused when I take visual notes.

You can find the full set of visual product development sketchnotes here.

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Media Landscape Variations

The Libyan Media Landscape is a project that has been keeping me busy for a long time. Now that it’s finally drawing to a close, I look back at the different iterations, and think about what a great learning experience it’s been. It started as a conversation between me and one of my coworkers who does research on the media in Libya. Then it evolved into a series of flipchart-sized images, some done in marker, others as collages. Later, the project was revived first as a hand-drawn 3D image, then as a series of black and white images. Finally, I had to go back to the drawing board, redo the whole thing in pencil and in ink, put it into photoshop, and fiddle around with it, until I got it right. Libyan Media Landscape variations

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