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Coding da Vinci

Coding da Vinci was a 10-week long hackathon organized by the Open Knowledge Foundation, Wikimedia Germany, Deutsche Digitale Bibliothek and Servicestelle Digitalisierung. I was present for the opening on April 26 / 27 as well as for the presentation of the final results and award ceremony in the Jewish Museum Berlin on July 6.

Coding da Vinci Graphic Recording 26 / 27 April

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While I wasn’t able to record all projects (28 were submitted to the project page), I could at least capture all 17 finalists, and the award winners. Congratulations to everyone who made it to the end, especially to Kati and Tomi and their Cyber Beetle (my favorite project).


At the end of the day, it was a very challenging but also very rewarding experience. Everyone I met was friendly and genuinely appreciative of what I did. And I think the results speak for themselves!

The entire set of images can be found here.

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Going South

My first real graphic recording gig was at the Media&Makers: Juba conference in South Sudan. It was an amazing experience, and actually being invited along specifically to sit in on the working groups, and take visual notes felt incredibly gratifying. It was also the first time I worked in a large format (A3), which gave me lots of space to work with, and felt very liberating after working with an A5 pad most of the time. I am happy that most of the images turned out so well.

Media & Makers: Juba – Working Group O2 (2)

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