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Visual product development

Lately, I’ve been involved in a product design process with MICT, IXDS, and now Sourcefabric. While I can’t say much about the product itself and its specifications, while it’s still under development, I’d like to share some insights about the use of sketchnotes in the process.

Visual Product development 2

Apart from the obvious advantages of having a visual record you can refer back to while in a meeting as well as after the meeting, I also find the visuals useful as a focusing device, and as an indicator of progress.

Visual Medi

Once people get used to the fact that I happily doodle along  while they’re talking, and only occasionally add one of my own observations or ask a question, it’s quickly established that a lull in a meeting either stops my pen entirely, or sends me into a crosshatching trance on some minor detail.

Visual Product Development 1

On the other hand, progress makes my pen fly, and spurs my imagination, so I will quickly add lots of new associations to an idea when the conversation is focused on results. So I find people generally more focused when I take visual notes.

You can find the full set of visual product development sketchnotes here.

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Going Digital

Last week, I attended a workshop on digital security by the Tactical Technology Collective at MICT‘s headquarters in Berlin. Here are my visual notes of the workshop, which are also featured on Tactical Tech’s website. You can also find these images on Flickr.

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In Print

I am happy to announce that two of my illustrations were used for MICT‘s newest print publications. Number one is MICT’s print newsletter for April 2013, featuring my map of the Libyan media landscape (based on research by Anja Wollenberg). Number two is the first print edition of correspondents.org, which was launched last week at the Jour Fixe Medien und Entwicklung, and can be purchased in the MICT shop. I contributed a map of goods smuggled between Libya, Egypt and Tunisia, and their neighboring countries.

Reinventing the Public Sphere

MICT Newsletter

Correspondents Magazine

Correspondents Magazine

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Exercises in Style

At a recent conference on ICTs and democracy promotion at Deutsches Institut für Entwicklungspolitik (German Development Institute), I decided to try something new, and alternate between a fat and a skinny marker. At first, I wasn’t comfortable with it at all, but I kept going anyway. After a while, it started to feel natural. Looking at the complete set, I am actually very happy with the result. DIE Conference: Democracy Promotion vs. Technology  Exports

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Back to basics

After the infographic about Libya’s media landscape had lain dormant for a while, I decided to start afresh, using only some recycling paper and a black marker. Nothing like radical simplification to clear your mind.

Libya’s Media Landscape, pt. 1: During the Revolution

Libya’s Media Landscape, pt. 2: After the Revolution

Libya’s Media Landscape, pt. 3: Consolidation


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