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Media and development

Last year, I did the graphic recording at the Forum Media and Development (Forum Medien und Entwicklung, FoME) conference in Berlin. You can find the images on my Flickr page. Now, the FoME website has been relaunched, with my graphic recordings featured prominently on the landing page. I think it looks great!

Screen Shot 2014-09-26 at 4.47.53 PM

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Media Hack Day

Last weekend, I went to the Media Hack Day organized by WAN-IFRA in preparation for the World Publishing Expo. I didn’t get there until Sunday afternoon, just in time for the final presentations of the projects, which took place at breakneck (or in my case, breakwrist) speed. Each presentation was only allotted 3 minutes, so I could only make very sparse notes on each one. However, after I made a composite image, and added a border of small blue icons I had made in preparation for the event, I was very happy with the result.

Media Hack Day

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The delicate bonds between ideas

This was already published on February 14, but because I rarely check my @replies on Twitter, it was only yesterday that I became aware of it. I was very pleased to learn that someone at Online Africa likes my work, and I was particularly happy about this ringing endorsement:

Needless to say, the raw information from the summit is overwhelming when in traditional note form. Graphically, however, key relationships jump to life. Mr. Kücklich really does an excellent job capturing the delicate bonds between ideas.


Sketchnotes clarify information access concepts, aid South Sudan development

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Media Landscape Variations

The Libyan Media Landscape is a project that has been keeping me busy for a long time. Now that it’s finally drawing to a close, I look back at the different iterations, and think about what a great learning experience it’s been. It started as a conversation between me and one of my coworkers who does research on the media in Libya. Then it evolved into a series of flipchart-sized images, some done in marker, others as collages. Later, the project was revived first as a hand-drawn 3D image, then as a series of black and white images. Finally, I had to go back to the drawing board, redo the whole thing in pencil and in ink, put it into photoshop, and fiddle around with it, until I got it right. Libyan Media Landscape variations

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Back to basics

After the infographic about Libya’s media landscape had lain dormant for a while, I decided to start afresh, using only some recycling paper and a black marker. Nothing like radical simplification to clear your mind.

Libya’s Media Landscape, pt. 1: During the Revolution

Libya’s Media Landscape, pt. 2: After the Revolution

Libya’s Media Landscape, pt. 3: Consolidation


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Mapping Libya’s Media Landscape

In October 2012, one of my coworkers asked me to help her visualize her research findings about the post-revolutionary Libyan media landscape. During our discussions about the project, I felt like I was moving into graphic facilitation territory. Previously, I had done mostly sketchnotes and graphic recordings, so I was very excited.

Graphic facilitation: Libya Media Landscape

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