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Thinking visually

Last month I had the pleasure to attend the inaugural meeting of vizthink Berlin, a spin-off of the Hamburg-based group of visual thinkers, graphic recorders and graphic facilitators. The meetup was organized by social entrepreneur Wiebke Koch, and moderated by Zackes Brustik and graphic artist Naho Iguchi. Naho also provided a brief overview of the history of graphic recording, which I captured in the image below …Graphic Recording: A Brief History

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Teaching with images

In January, I was asked to give a 4-day seminar on the history of videogames at SAE Stuttgart (on account of my former life as a videogame researcher). I decided to use ask the students to use the flipchart in the classroom to record the class, and because there were only 4 pages left, the record needed to be very tightly condensed. However, I think this constraint made the result even better, as it nicely captures 50+ years of videogame history. You can find the Flickr set hereVideo Game History

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