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Water is life

In March, I worked at the Federal Ministry for Education and Research‘s booth at Wasser Berlin International for four days. My task was to collect and visualize the visitors’ visions for the future of water management. The minister, Johanna Wanka, stopped by to talk to students from Albert-Einstein-Gymnasium (Ulm). You can see me do my thing in some of the pictures:

Johanna Wanka Julian Kücklich Messe Wasser Berlin 2 Johanna Wanka Julian Kücklich Messe Wasser Berlin 1All images Copyright © 2015 Messe Berlin GmbH


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Visual product development

Lately, I’ve been involved in a product design process with MICT, IXDS, and now Sourcefabric. While I can’t say much about the product itself and its specifications, while it’s still under development, I’d like to share some insights about the use of sketchnotes in the process.

Visual Product development 2

Apart from the obvious advantages of having a visual record you can refer back to while in a meeting as well as after the meeting, I also find the visuals useful as a focusing device, and as an indicator of progress.

Visual Medi

Once people get used to the fact that I happily doodle along  while they’re talking, and only occasionally add one of my own observations or ask a question, it’s quickly established that a lull in a meeting either stops my pen entirely, or sends me into a crosshatching trance on some minor detail.

Visual Product Development 1

On the other hand, progress makes my pen fly, and spurs my imagination, so I will quickly add lots of new associations to an idea when the conversation is focused on results. So I find people generally more focused when I take visual notes.

You can find the full set of visual product development sketchnotes here.

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Teaching with images

In January, I was asked to give a 4-day seminar on the history of videogames at SAE Stuttgart (on account of my former life as a videogame researcher). I decided to use ask the students to use the flipchart in the classroom to record the class, and because there were only 4 pages left, the record needed to be very tightly condensed. However, I think this constraint made the result even better, as it nicely captures 50+ years of videogame history. You can find the Flickr set hereVideo Game History

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Mapping Libya’s Media Landscape

In October 2012, one of my coworkers asked me to help her visualize her research findings about the post-revolutionary Libyan media landscape. During our discussions about the project, I felt like I was moving into graphic facilitation territory. Previously, I had done mostly sketchnotes and graphic recordings, so I was very excited.

Graphic facilitation: Libya Media Landscape

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