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Water is life

In March, I worked at the Federal Ministry for Education and Research‘s booth at Wasser Berlin International for four days. My task was to collect and visualize the visitors’ visions for the future of water management. The minister, Johanna Wanka, stopped by to talk to students from Albert-Einstein-Gymnasium (Ulm). You can see me do my thing in some of the pictures:

Johanna Wanka Julian Kücklich Messe Wasser Berlin 2 Johanna Wanka Julian Kücklich Messe Wasser Berlin 1All images Copyright © 2015 Messe Berlin GmbH


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A vision for the future

At last year’s Forum Solarpraxis, I had the honor of recording Dr. Klaus Töpfer, former federal minister for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety, and former executive director of the United Nations Environment Programme. In his talk, he outlined a vision for the future of energy and climate policy, stressing the fact that the Western model of energy consumption cannot be exported to the rest of the world, without irrevocably damaging the planet. Transcript (in German).
Forum Solarpraxis - Die Vision für Energie und Klima

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Mission Statement

Last September, I participated in the development of a new mission statement for Jägermeister, in cooperation with corporate and brand communications agency Klenk & Hoursch. The result was a summary of the process, as well as a “future tree” depicting possible directions for the company. This image also made the cover of “JägerNews”, Jägermeister’s employee magazine.


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