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Mission Statement

Last September, I participated in the development of a new mission statement for Jägermeister, in cooperation with corporate and brand communications agency Klenk & Hoursch. The result was a summary of the process, as well as a “future tree” depicting possible directions for the company. This image also made the cover of “JägerNews”, Jägermeister’s employee magazine.


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Groundbreaking Journalism

Earlier this year, I did the graphic recording of the Groundbreaking Journalism conference, organized by iRights Lab and Vodafone Foundation Germany. You can find the images on my Flickr page. The organizers also created a nice booklet about the conference, with my illustrations: 2014-07-24 13.41.46-1
If you want to take a look at the brochure, it’s now also available as a pdf.

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The illustration sprint

You may be familiar with the design sprint, or the book sprint, or the software development sprint, but have you heard of the illustration sprint? I wouldn’t be surprised if you hadn’t, because I just made it up.

The reason for this neologism is that I was recently contacted by the author of a book about startups in Germany, and he wanted a lot of illustrations done quickly. His idea was to sit down for a day and create as many illustrations for the book as possible.

I immediately liked the idea, but realized that the sprint required careful planning. For one thing, the style of the illustrations had to be determined beforehand. Fortunately, my collaborator really liked my sketchnotes about a talk by Mercedes Bunz.

Mercedes Bunz: Copy & Paste (3)


After we had established a date, we sat down together at my kitchen table, and started drawing. Surprisingly, only a few images went into the bin, while 36 drawings were considered good enough to be reproduced in the book. Considering that we worked for eight hours straight, that is an average of 13 minutes per drawing!

Here are some of the results:
Illustration sprint


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In Print

I am happy to announce that two of my illustrations were used for MICT‘s newest print publications. Number one is MICT’s print newsletter for April 2013, featuring my map of the Libyan media landscape (based on research by Anja Wollenberg). Number two is the first print edition of, which was launched last week at the Jour Fixe Medien und Entwicklung, and can be purchased in the MICT shop. I contributed a map of goods smuggled between Libya, Egypt and Tunisia, and their neighboring countries.

Reinventing the Public Sphere

MICT Newsletter

Correspondents Magazine

Correspondents Magazine

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