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Notes on Politics

Last week, I went to a round-table discussion on “The internet and human rights” at the German Foreign Office. Among the attendees were representatives of Reporters without Borders, Human Rights Watch, Tactical Tech, and the Open Knowledge Foundation. The discussion was not easy to follow, and I made a few mistakes (e.g. Tropico instead of the German surveillance technology provider Trovicor), but I still think I managed to capture the spirit of the discussion. Go, and see for yourself on Flickr:

Internet und Menschenrechte (Flickr set)

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Here’s an Idea …

Last week, I went to the Newsroom Innovation Ideathon organized by WAN-IFRA, as part of Tech Open Air Berlin. Among the participants were Adam Thomas from Storyful, Sebastian Horn from Sourcefabric, Christian Lüdtke from Etventure, Stephen Fozard and Cherrilyn Ireton from WAN-IFRA, Steffen Konrath from Liquid Newsroom, and Ulrich Schmitz from Axel Springer. While it took a while to get through the introductions, I really enjoyed the conversation, and I am confident that those ideas will be developed further during the follow-up hackathon planned for later this year. You can find my sketchnotes from the events on my Flickr page and on Slideshare.

UPDATE: One of the sketchnotes has been picked up by World of Print for their news item about the upcoming WAN-IFRA hackathons.

WAN-IFRA Ideathon

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Cartooning Exercises

At the moment, it’s incredibly hard to find the time to draw, but whenever I have a little time on my hands these days, I turn to Ivan Brunetti’s wonderful little book Cartooning. It’s a collection of exercises for aspiring cartoonists, and so far I have only managed to do one set of them. However, it’s been a lot of fun, and I wanted to share the results with you. Ivan Brunetti: Cartooning Exercises (1)

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