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Media Landscape Variations

The Libyan Media Landscape is a project that has been keeping me busy for a long time. Now that it’s finally drawing to a close, I look back at the different iterations, and think about what a great learning experience it’s been. It started as a conversation between me and one of my coworkers who does research on the media in Libya. Then it evolved into a series of flipchart-sized images, some done in marker, others as collages. Later, the project was revived first as a hand-drawn 3D image, then as a series of black and white images. Finally, I had to go back to the drawing board, redo the whole thing in pencil and in ink, put it into photoshop, and fiddle around with it, until I got it right. Libyan Media Landscape variations

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A few years ago, I heard this great word: tentaclism, which describes the increasing tendency towards multi-tasking and dabbling in all kinds of professions, doing one thing, as it were, with one of your multiple arms. I don’t think I’ve ever heard a term which captures what I do so well. That’s what was at the back of my mind when I made this sketch of myself as part of a conversation with Berlin-based startup Somewhere.Tentaclism

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Back to basics

After the infographic about Libya’s media landscape had lain dormant for a while, I decided to start afresh, using only some recycling paper and a black marker. Nothing like radical simplification to clear your mind.

Libya’s Media Landscape, pt. 1: During the Revolution

Libya’s Media Landscape, pt. 2: After the Revolution

Libya’s Media Landscape, pt. 3: Consolidation


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Putting it all together

While most of the images from the Media&Makers conference in South Sudan turned out so well they did not require photoshopping, I wanted to create composites of some of the small format images to create more cinematic landscapes. Compositing is actually an art form in itself, so it required quite a lot of trial and error, but I am quite happy with this one.

Media & Makers: Juba Composite

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Going South

My first real graphic recording gig was at the Media&Makers: Juba conference in South Sudan. It was an amazing experience, and actually being invited along specifically to sit in on the working groups, and take visual notes felt incredibly gratifying. It was also the first time I worked in a large format (A3), which gave me lots of space to work with, and felt very liberating after working with an A5 pad most of the time. I am happy that most of the images turned out so well.

Media & Makers: Juba – Working Group O2 (2)

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Making Faces

One challenge I frequently face as a graphic recorder, is how to draw faces. If the people are present, they might be insulted by an unflattering portrayal, if they aren’t present, their names are usually all I have to go on. Some people use smartphones or tablets to do quick google searches while they’re doodling, but I’m usually so focused on my drawing, I can’t imagine switching between notebook and tablet. For better or worse, that’s what the result typically looks like:Minister of Information, Vice Minister, and Under-Secretary

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